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Are eggs good or bad?

Did you hear the news? Eggs are now the bad boys on the street.

Did you freak out a little with the recent study stating that eating more than 2 eggs a day may increase risk of developing heart disease?

The morning this study was published, I got bombarded with text messages and social media posts from friends and family asking me what in the world was going on.

Lot’s of frustrated and confused peeps out there.

I completely get it. It seems as if every week there’s a new study condemning or glorifying some type of food or eating style!

Vegan, Keto, Paleo rawtarian, vegetarian…when did we start labeling ourselves based on what we had for breakfast?!

Let’s #keepcalm and talk about what’s really going on with our beloved eggs.

If you didn’t read the entire article, here are some snippets that may make you want to roll your eyes and help you realize there’s no need to worry. Here ya go:

“Many experts say this study is no justification to drop eggs from your diet.”

“This is an observational study, so it doesn’t prove that cholesterol (in eggs) increases the risk of developing heart disease.”

Wait! there’s more…

The researchers behind this study tracked the health of about 30,000 adults and on average, participants were followed for about 17 years. – That’s a long time, right? But check this out:

“One shortcoming of the study is that participants were asked ONLY ONE TIME about their diets. So, this one snapshot may not have accurately captured their eating habits over time.” – You think??? (You may roll your eyes now.)

And this is why I tell you, don’t believe every article, social media post, or study out there, otherwise you’re going to drive yourself bananas!

Today’s Health Tip Thursday is meant to bring clarity to this matter and share with you:

  • how eggs can actually help reduce cholesterol
  • how to choose your eggs wisely
  • what increases cholesterol (and no, the answer isn’t eggs.)
  • and simple tips to reduce risk of heart disease

If you wan’t to take control of your health, stop feeling overwhelmed with so much information out there and finally, move forward with your healthy lifestyle habits, you’ll get plenty of tips easy to start applying now.

What did you think about this video? I’d love to hear from you.

In the comments below, tell me, what’s you biggest health struggle? And what’s stopping you from achieving your health goals? And if you’re way ahead in your journey, what did you do to finally take control of your health?

Feel free to share as many details as you want, your journey may change someone’s life.

Thank you so much for watching, reading and sharing my content. Your support and connecting with you means the world to me.

You deserve to feel vibrant and energized, so don’t let your body stop your from feeling your best and achieving your dreams.

Sending you healing and loving vibes,

PS. if you’d like to learn more about cholesterol and why you shouldn’t be afraid of it, check out Jimmy Moore’s Cholesterol Clarity. And if you’re convinced eggs are good for you, then here’s a recipe you’d love for breakfast: Egg Muffins 

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