Brands I love

I joke with my friends that I want to feel and look 30 when I turn 50.  And I laugh after I share the expectations of myself for the future, but the truth is that I want to feel hot, sexy and vibrant as I get older. I see age as a number, and that number doesn’t define how I feel or look because it all depends on how I choose to take care of myself.

So since 10 years ago, I decided to make my health a priority. I do everything within my power to feed my body right, have daily movement, take time to relax, eliminate toxins as much as I can, and so on. I do all of this, while also enjoying life and choosing options that work with my daily routine. (Here’s a little more about my journey)

Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle takes a little more time and dedication, the cool thing though is that there are plenty of clean brands out there that will make this way of living a lot more practical and enjoyable.

I’ve put together a few lists of the different brands I trust and love. ???? You’ll find gluten-free options that taste like the real thing, sweets that are free of refined-sugars, dairy-free options that’ll thrill your tastebuds, skincare that’s going to help you look bright and radiant without putting your hormonal balance at risk, and lots more.

Non-dairyGluten-Free pasta/breadsEnergy barsHealthy drinksChipsSugar-free sweetsKitchen gadgetsClean skincare and personal care

Most of the brands I love can be found at your local health food stores (I’m a Sprouts and Whole Foods fan), Target and most major stores. And if you’d like to get them online, simply click on each image to order via Amazon. 

So go ahead, browse around, and let’s make healthy living even more fun and practical.

If you have any questions, I’m always here to help. Simply drop a comment below.

With love and gratitude,