My Story

Wow! So excited you found me in this world wide web! Welcome to Naked Flavors!

My name is Jeniffer Alburquerque. I am a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner,  Author of the health and cookbook “Healthy Gut Happy You” and creator of the online program “Vibrant From Within.

Things about me:

  • I have an accent. (I’m often asked if I’m French…no clue why.)
  • I was born and raised in Lima, Peru
  • Butter is my best friend
  • I LOVE dancing salsa
  • Traveling is part of who I am
  • Developing healthy and tasty recipes are in my DNA
  • I need to be in touch with nature to feel alive
  • Love random adventures
  • I am on a mission to help millions of women glow from within

My Story:

My journey as a healthy foodie and nutrition aficionado started back in 2010. At the age of 21, I was feeling sick, extremely tired, depressed, hopeless and ugly.

I was dealing with digestive disorders, lack of energy, problems managing weight and major breakouts. All these symptoms were taking over my life and it seemed as if nothing (pills, hormones, lotions, creams, birth controls and weird diets) was working.

I was broke after spending so much money in doctors’ visits and broken for having to deal with a a body that didn’t reflect my true self.


Not knowing what to do and having nothing to lose, I decided to look a little deeper.

After lots of reading and the support of amazing nutrition gurus, I began to understand we truly are what we eat and think.

I decided to kick sugars and refined foods good-bye and say holla! to healthy fats, quality proteins, fermented foods, bones stocks and everything that is meant to support health internally and externally. And guess what?…It worked!!

My skin and digestion began to heal, I was enjoying long-lasting energy without the need to depend on sugars, coffee and carbs, I wasn’t feeling bloated anymore, my sleeping patterns improved, my weight back to normal and I wasn’t depressed anymore.  The fun, energetic and loving Jen was back!

Although this episode in my life wasn’t a pleasant at all, I’m still grateful it happen because it led me to discover my passion for helping other women take charge of their health and feel confident in their body.

This struggle motivated me to:

  • Become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in order to help other women dealing with the same symptoms I experienced. My goal is to inspire my clients and followers to live a vibrant life! (Click here to learn how I can help you)
  • Write “Healthy Gut Happy You,” a practical health/cookbook in which I share practical nutritional information and recipes that will nourish your body and thrill your tastebuds!
  • Create “Vibrant from Within to help other women glow and heal from within so they can also enjoy permanent results without harmful side effects.
  • Create this website to be used as home for all my healthy and tasty food concoctions, nutrition and beauty talks, and everything that is meant to make us feel awesome every day!
  • Become a Beautycounter Consultant to educate and help other minimize their exposure to toxic substances.

I’m thrilled that you are here! Thank you again for stoping by. I look forward to connecting and inspiring you to make the right changes in your health, with one simple purpose…to be happy!

Wishing you vibrant health,

Your friend,

Jeniffer Alburquerque 🙂

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