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Want to stick to your healthy habits? Clean food and exercise aren’t the answer

Exercise! Eat Healthy! Lift weights! Do cardio! Stay away from sugars! Don’t eat this! Eat that! 


So many do’s an don’ts are very overwhelming. No wonder people stop give up or even think all this healthy eating thing is more like a trend or some hippie sh*t!

Before changing what’s on your plate, have you even asked yourself WHY you want to change your ways? 

Lots of people feel committed to their new healthy habits – they start cooking homemade meals, exercising, controlling their sugars/carbs – and after a couple of weeks, they’re struggling to continue. 

They start with kale and end with cupcakes.  

Here’s the thing, if you don’t know why you want to enjoy a healthier life, look and feel great, then it’s very likely you’ll go back to your old ways. 

So, before you even consider implementing a healthy lifestyle, ask yourself – “Why do I want to make a change? What’s pushing me to say “enough is enough!”?”

Don’t settle with superficial reasons such as:

  • I want to fit into my old jeans 
  • My friends told me I’ve gained weight 
  • Nothing fits me 
  • I want to look great for my friend’s wedding 
  • I’m about to go on vacation and I need a bikini body
  • And blah, blah, blah 

Those are NOT your real motivations. 

Dig Deep

Go within and create a question with the reason you just came up with. For example, ask yourself:

  • Why fitting into my old jeans will make me feel better? 
    • Maybe you know in your heart you deserve better 
    • Maybe looking and feeling younger will inspire other women around you.
    • Maybe fitting into your old jeans symbolizes feeling younger and more energized allowing you to spend more quality time with the ones you love. 

Whatever the answer is, it must come from within not your friends’ and family’s opinion. 

Who cares about other people’s opinion of you, anyways! As the wise phrase goes: “You can’t please everyone, you’re not an avocado!” – Amen to that! 

I’ve helped lots of women though nutritional consultations and cooking classes to feel in charge of their health. But before we even start talking about food, I always ask them to spend time alone to question their reasons for seeking my help. 

I want them to discover that feeling that’s pushing them to make a change. 

You’ll know in your heart when you’ve found your WHY.

It’s good to be clear because clarity leads to determination and determination leads to the results you want to achieve. 

When you discover your WHY, write it down on a couple of notecards and keep them in your car, wallet, agenda, wherever it’ll be visible to you. Or go green! and type it in your phone. 

Read your WHY every morning to remind yourself of the reason you chose to make yourself a priority. 

Healthy living is not a trend or a temporary phase, heathy living is a way of showing respect to the perfect creation you already are. 

Stay on your game and make a change because it feels right in YOUR HEART. 

Once you’ve watched, I’d love to hear from you.

What strategies or ways of thinking have helped you achieve your health/fitness goals?

Or if you’re just starting I’d love to what your WHY is.

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Thank you so much for watching, sharing and being a beautiful part of this tribe. Your love and connection fuels my work and creativity to give you my best. 

With love and sincerity, 

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