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My Trader Joe’s Must Haves

Some dread going grocery shopping and others see it as a joyful task.

As for me, I’m a strange case – or so my friends say because I LOVE grocery shopping.

I can spend hours walking through aisles, reading labels, checking out new brands, taking food pics to share in my stories. I’m a total grocery shopping nerd!

But that’s me and I don’t expect everyone to be the same. 

The reality is that whether you like it or not, most of us have to go grocery shopping, so to simplify your shopping experience and get you in and out of the store, I’ve put together a list of the products I buy every time I go to Trader Joe’s. – because almost all of you have a Trader Joe’s near by, right?

The following items are things that I always keep handy in my kitchen.

Ready. Set. Shop!

Coconut milk:

People always ask me where I find the most affordable prices for coconut milk. So far, the cheapest organic, full-fat, canned coconut milk I’ve found is at Trader Joe’s. They have it available for $1.69 per can. I choose full-fat over, light (or low fat) because its creamier and has a more rich texture. I use it to make my berry parfaits, smoothies, to add to soups, and mostly use for every recipe that calls for some type of milk.

Raw Almond Butter:

Nut butters free of junk can get pretty expensive, and I love that Trader Joe’s carries an option that’s made with just raw almonds and it’s sold at a pretty good price.

Coconut oil:

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably seen me plenty of times share about my morning coconut oil drink. I run through coconut oil like there’s no tomorrow because I also use it for oil puling, for cooking, to remove my makeup and apply on my hair because I do my best to also avoid harmful ingredients in my skincare (read more about safer beauty here).

Trader Joe’s has refined and unrefined options, both at pretty good prices. And if you’re wondering what’s the difference between these two. Refined doesn’t have much of the smell and taste of coconut. I prefer unrefined (or virgin) coconut oil for my morning coconut oil drink because it has antimicrobial, antiviral and anti fungal properties intact. – If you have more questions about this, just drop a comment below 😉

Almond Milk:

If you want to avoid gums and additives in your almond milk you have two options: make your own or buy at Trader Joe’s. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the their almond milk is made with only almonds and water. Pretty good stuff, don’t you think? And the price is comparable with most almond/nut milk brands. ($4.99)

Sparkling Apple Cider:

I’m a big believer that it’s extremely important to prep the stomach before digestion. And usually, I recommend to drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed in a glass of water, but lots of people are not raving fans of this suggestion. So I found a great alternative that’s equally beneficial but way tastier. This drink also has apple cider, but mixed in sparkling water and flavored with strawberries basil or cucumber mint. Drink it before orator meals to improve the breakdown process of foods so you don’t feel gassy and bloated after eating.

Cacao Powder:

Trader Joe’s carries pure organic cacao or cocoa powder which you can use to add healthy fats to your smoothies – I love adding it to my avocado smoothies (recipe in this post), to make these Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Pops or guilt-free chocolate donuts, Fudgy Flourless Brownies or this Double-Layer Sweet Potato Cake.

GT’s Kombucha:

If you brew your own kombucha, kudos to you! But if you’re a busy bee and can’t even seem to find the type to make your own, but want to feed your gut with healthy bacteria and enzymes, then go to Trader Joe’s. They have kombucha at a pretty good price. Whole Foods and other booshie (aka high end) stores sell kombucha for 3.99 or more.


Here’s another superfood for the gut that’s really easy to make at home but if you’re a busy women then it’d be better to just buy. A lot of sauerkrauts are made with vinegar which defeats the purpose of eating it. The only ingredients you should see in your store-bought sauerkraut are water, sea salt and cabbage (plus any other vegetables). And this is why I love the one from Trader Joe’s, it’s completely raw and ferments, and! pretty affordable too ($5.99)

Beef Sticks:

I love Chomps beef sticks because they’re made with grass beef and zero sugars added. They’re perfect for a grab-and-go type of snack.

So there you have it! These are some of my favorite items to get at TJ’s. Make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter to get even more insight of my favorite products to buy to help feel vibrant from within it. 

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Thank you for stopping by. 

With love and gratitude, 

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