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Skin problems were my main motivation to change my lifestyle. Since I was 18 until my early twenties, I tried endless treatments: antibiotics, birth control pills, hormones, steroids, over-the counter medicine, creams and weird diets, but nothing seemed to give me permanent results.

Eventually, my skin problems evolved to digestive disorders, allergies, depression, lack of energy and difficulty managing my weight. (Read my story here)

When my physical health began to affect my emotional well-being I realized that something different had to get done. So I decided to start healing from within – from my gut to be more exact.

As I began to heal naturally, I also became more aware about the substances I was applying on my skin.

For years, I had been using Retin A, creams with cortisol and other harmful ingredients hoping that they will help improve my skin condition. Unfortunately, they were doing more harm than good.

I became more conscious of my skincare products when I learned about the lack of regulation in the beauty industry and the impact all the unregulated toxins have on the skin, hormones and entire body.

Can you believe that the last regulation that governs what goes into our skincare products was passed in 1938??? 

And since then 85,000 chemicals have been added to the skincare industry and only 10-15% are regulated for human safety.


In my hunt for safer skincare, I learned organic or natural labels don’t mean much. The beauty industry is so poorly regulated, companies can label their products as they see it suitable.

As a healthy living ambassador, I began searching for products I can truly trust using on my self and recommending to others. This is how I came across Beautycounter and it has forever changed the way I look at beauty – Safer and high performing products for everyone.


  • It has banned 1500 ingredients from all of their products compared to the 11 eliminated by the FDA.
  • Beautiful and high-performing skincare products and cosmetics.
  • Transparent – every single ingredient is displayed.
  • All Beautycounter products are made with safer ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about what goes on your skin.


If you’re wondering what Beautycounter products are beneficial for your skin, just send me an email to – I’ll be happy to guide you.

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Below are some of my favorite products. I love the way they feel and look, they are all made with safer ingredients that perform! 



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(Click on the products to learn more)

If safer skincare is something you are considering, don’t hesitate to send me a message with your questions. I will be happy to share my experience and do my best to guide you in the right direction. Beautycounter has a large array of products, so I invite to browse their website and start treating your skin with safer, beautiful and high-performing products.