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Whether you are dealing with acne, digestive disorders, weight management problems, lack of energy or feeling emotionally unstable, all these symptoms and many others are more than likely starting in the gut.

My job is to address these symptoms though nutrition in a practical and tasty way so you can feel vibrant everyday.

I spent many years feeling fatigued, fighting candida overgrowth, acne, constipation, bloating and feeling depressed most of the time.

When my physical health began to affect my emotional health, I knew it was time to try a different approach. I couldn’t continue trying the same treatment over and over again because by definition that is insanity.

As I began to address the root cause and reduce inflammation, my body began to heal from within. My mood improved, my energy levels increased, my digestion wasn’t a problem anymore, my skin healed, my body found harmony once again and I became a  happier person.

My health problems led me to discover my passion for nutrition, cooking and helping women feel and be their best.

I believe enjoying a healthy lifestyle should be practical, affordable and tasty.

If you’ve reached a stage in your life where you are ready to make a change and start feeling vibrant everyday, I can help!

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Wish you health and happiness,

Jeniffer Alburquerque, NTP

[email protected]