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Five Things To Stay Acne Free 

When people see old pictures of my face covered in acne they ask what I did to permanently clear my skin from it. I simply tell them, “It’s not a magical potion but instead adjustments and additions to my nutrition that actually cleared my skin from the inside out.”

For many years I was accustomed to temporary results using antibiotics, hormones, steroids and other conventional treatments. Swallowing a pill in the morning to treat the acne was easy. It would work for months but when I had a small breakout, returning to my dermatologist for a higher dosage was the answer to keep my acne from erupting. I went on like this for years until it stopped working.  I was confused and upset for not having options.

As I began to understand the connection between gut and skin I was convinced that my nutrition had to change. It was trial and error, but I eventually began to enjoy feeling great every day! The better I fed and treated my body the faster my skin healed, until all my blemishes and bumps disappeared forever from the face of my well being!

Acne isn’t something that should characterize anyone. I now have been six years acne free without any pills, only real food and self-love. Even though, I made a lot of changes in my diet there are five things that speeded up my healing process.

1. Probiotics:

Probiotics: The gut and the skin are directly connected and both require very similar nutrients. Both are composed of thousands of different strains of beneficial bacteria responsible for infinite roles including the maintenance of healthy skin. Probiotics help waste move through the intestines assisting in the elimination of toxins. When constipation or other digestive complications occur the body is forced to look for alternative detox systems such as the skin. Probiotic-rich foods help fight infections in the gut and will reduce the manifestations on those infections on the skin.

By eating probiotic rich foods, such as kombucha, sauerkraut, raw kefir (Organic Pastures is a great brand), kimchi and other fermented foods, I improved my overall digestion and played an essential roll in the clearing of my skin.

2. Cod liver: 

Severe cases of acne, like mine, are commonly present in those with low vitamin A level in the blood. The conventional treatment for acne is Accutane, but cod liver oil can also provide appropriate amounts of vitamin A without the side effects, such as liver damage, depression, aggressive behavior, joint pain, lack of energy and hair loss. Click here to see the type of cod liver oil I take.  Also, make sure to avoid vegetable oils (corn, soybean, sunflower, safflower, etc) because they use your vitamin E.

3. Face oils:

The natural occurring oils on our skin are there to protect it from harmful pathogens. When we eliminate those oils by applying harsh chemicals we make it more prone to infections. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties, it is one of the oils that the skin can absorb the fastest and penetrates into deeper layers of the skin. If you have never applied coconut oil on your face, I would recommend to start with an small area. Some people who have acne-prone skin, like me, can experience more breakouts at first. This is a cleansing and detoxing reaction, and it will subside after the skin gets used to coconut oil.

If this is too much for you to handle, the Balancing oil from Beautycounter is a wonderful alternative. It contains Ylang ylang, which has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties making it ideal for treating moderate acne. Ylang ylang has antiseptic, astringent, and anti-inflammatory properties which reduce the risk of infections in wounds, controls sebum production and reduces inflammation when applied topically. Ylang ylang keeps skin moist and smooth without oily residue. Click here if you’d like to learn more about this Balancing oil.

4. Stay hydrated:

Something obvious but easy to oversee is drinking water. Sixty percent of the body is made of water and of our daily water consumption 24% is used by the skin. Water removes waste, flushes out toxins, empowers the body’s natural healing process and aids in the transportation of nutrients among many other functions. How much water does your body need daily?

Follow this formula:


5. Bone stocks:

Rich in collagen and makes skin thicker and healthier. Both the intestinal lining and the skin require collagen in order to function properly! When intestinal lining is compromised it leads to “leaky gut”. This syndrome is very common in acne sufferers. This happens when we are not able to break down proteins properly due to lack of enough acid in the stomach. These large pieces of food travel to the small intestine where the body tries to absorb nutrients but since this food is too big the result is the perforation of the intestinal lining. This opens the door to unwelcomed bacteria, parasites, viruses and other undigested foods attacking the immune system. When this happens they can no longer be eliminated through feces and must seek alternative means of elimination, the skin. Bone stocks will heal the gut and improve mineral and vitamin absorption which feed the skin with the nutrients it is lacking.

Making bone stocks at home is very simple, you can see the recipe here. On the other hand, if making bone stocks is not your thing, then Vital Proteins – Collagen Peptides is also a great option.

I hope you find these recommendations useful!  They have been a tremendous help to eliminate acne from my life.  Although I am not suffering with this condition anymore I still do these 5 things. They help me maintain clear skin and provide me with lots of energy and overall well-being.

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